Doggie Daycare

The morning began with a pretty potcake routine. Angie and I had the opportunity to take care of local Potcake dogs. A high energy young’in and a little slow pup. Any morning with puppies is a good morning. The remainer of the morning involved going over our itinerary for the week, and preparing for our snorkel trip.

We arrived at the Coral Gardens in the early afternoon to start practicing our fish and invertebrate identification. Coral Gardens is a small reef off the shore on Grace Bay in front of the Windsong Resort that Dr. Karen Cangialosi (Dr. C) and Dr. Scott Strong have been annually monitoring since 2001. Dr. C and Dr. Strong collect data throught the monitoring of a 100 meter transect line across the reef. By the use of GPS coordinates and substrate line they use Reefcheck protocol to survey the number and size of certian indicator fish species.

Our observation at Coral Gardens ended with a discussion on the species we had noticecs. Talks of grouper, yellow-tail snapper, parrotfish, and gorgonian corals encouraged another snorkel trip! ¬†We are going to try and locate Smith’s Reef later in the week.

Thursdays are a great day to be on the Island. Every thursday the town holds a Fish Fry. There is music, dancing, food stands from locals, and a Junkanoo band that ends the night with their parade through the crowd. This was my second time attending a Fish Fry, and it was just as memorable as the first. The authentic jerk pork/chicken is my favorite food on Provo.

The excitment an individual can experience in one day on Provo is overwhelming. By the end of the first day, I am always tired.

Happy and Tired.